Thursday, May 17, 2012

Laffite's Lady is proud of yet another five star review

We all know by now that Laffite's Lady loves to read. Well she is loving the positive feed back on the first in the trilogy series of The Wardrobe. We know she is a history buff and that there are many historical facts and events twisted among the story. We also know that as the story unfolds, even more history will be brought to light. What we don't know is just how Susan Elliston is going to go about it, or where the story itself is going to take us. So with that said, in case you don't visit Amazon often, here is the latest review on The Wardrobe by Fran Lewis.
The Wardrobe
"Deceitful, liar, manipulator and conniver describes me to a T. My name is Diera and I am the most powerful witch and my coven is made up of 8 soon to be nine strong and powerful women under my control He is a demon that the coven wants to free. I know who he is. He is second in command and a most powerful demon, Mephistopheles. But, the power and his strength would soon be mine, as I, Diera, shall reign. But, first, let me explain how I got to where I am now. At the age of 13 I realized that my parents had no clue as to what kind of a person I really am. I preferred the dark side of things and in order to pursue my goals I had to leave home and fend for myself. Emotions cannot and did not get in my way but being smart and cunning I was able to learn from many tutors and then destroy them by taking their lives so their knowledge and lessons would go no further. Diera: that's me want to free Mephistopheles giving him the ability to walk the earth both day and night. Right now he cannot deal with light just the darkness. He is behind the Oak Trees in the henge hoping to be freed with my help and that of my coven. But, something happens to prevent it and now I have to make sure that the one person that I thought I could trust is eliminated at all costs. Each of the women in my coven managed to assimilate themselves within the community where we decided to live. Taking jobs that no one else would want for menial pay, we managed to live alongside the villagers none the wiser. Mary, my most trust ally, got a job at the rectory and is able to fill the heads of everyone with idle gossip and falsehoods that she makes up to keep everyone talking and their eyes and ears away from what we are really doing. But, her lack of judgment and my blinding trust brought Brina to our group as the ninth member. BIG FATAL ERROR! As we gathered in the henge in front of the Oak Trees to free the Druid, something happens. One of us does not want to free him and one of us has a strong shield up and the end result she thinks I don't know what she did but she will pay."

"I'm Brina and I know what must be done but it will cost me dearly. I must go and bind the trees and make sure this evil does not get out or the world will never be the same. As I enter the clearing and I stand in front of the henge it takes all of my strength and powers but I fail. I have to call upon two others to enter my body in order to have the power to bind the dark evil to the ring of oak trees keeping my family safe. But, although I am successful what I must do will cost my husband and daughter dearly as my life must come to an end and theirs must move on without me. First, I will take my journals; notes and books make sure they are hidden away until my daughter is old enough to read them. I was a healer and my job was to help the sick. I was a witch who did not follow the dark side. This cost me dearly."

When Gitta, Brina's daughter was old enough Kerwin, her husband would teach her what she needed to know about her mother. When Gitta received her surprise for her birthday a whole new world opened up for her as the knowledge from the past would become her present. But, Gitta's world would soon change as she marries, has a child and her father and husband noted for their craftsmanship and create artistry in making furniture especially wardrobes create one just for her. But, what happens after is frightening and the dreams, voices and visions she has are only a prelude to what comes next.

The visions come this time but not to her but her father. A trip to the village ends in tragedy as her father's disappearance is unsolved and the words spoken to him frightening. Just where he is and who took him is a mystery to the reader at this point. How Gitta reacts is understandable. Will she give up on finding the answers and just how does the Wardrobe in her room link to his disappearance? When she reads all the books and learns which one will reveal the answers what she finds out helps her to know why her father is gone and the reasons for her nightmares. The wood from the wardrobe and others her father and husband made is linked to the demon that was bound within the Oak Trees for so many years. But, if she lures the demon out and to enter her home what will the end result be and what happens if the demon sees the light? The standoff between Gitta and the demon is frightening and the end result we move to 1984.

Briana Ackerley was not an ordinary child. Living with her grandparents after the death of her parents she and her brother were well taken care of until something changed. Briana, according to her parent's will was to be sent to boarding school and no matter how hard her grandparents tried nothing was going to change them from keeping the promise they made to their daughter. On the night before she left for school the author brilliantly reveals her dreams and thoughts and we get to know just what role the wardrobe played in her life and why she was sent away. Next, we move to 1999 when her grandmother passes away and she returns home.

The end result is that Briana inherits everything from her grandmother and decides to enlist not only her brother Brandon and her grandfather in a huge project that will lead to finding out more about her past and her mother. Taking their home and turning it into a Bed and Breakfast brings them some unusual guests one in particular you would definitely not want around. Events happen but no one really knows why a young man winds up dead in a freezer when he goes in search of coffee ice cream and another disappears into another realm. Edward Billings never suspected that his friend drugged his wine and he slept through what would have been a startling revelation or maybe seeing the demon would have ended his life. Just who is next and will anyone ever make the right connections?

Would you make a bargain with the devil or demon? What would your leverage be? What happens when Briana and her grandfather come front and center with Mephistopheles? Author Susan Elliston creates visual images so graphic, so vivid that not only do the characters experience fear, danger and see the horrors that this demon created and what he has done to his victims, but the reader experiences it first hand too. Chills creep down your spine and fear in your heart when you think about what they have gone through and there is much more to come. Remember what happened when Pandora's box was opened.

An ending so explosive and a confrontation so death defying you will have to read it for yourself as this reviewer will not reveal the final fate of anyone. Who lives to see another day and dies? What really happens to the demon? Did their plan work as Briana, Brandon, Gramps and Gareth plot the fate of this horrific creature? My advice to all of you: Do not keep your wardrobe opened? Make sure you lock it at night. You never know where Mephistopheles will hide. The research is extensive and the story does not end as the fate of the world is in the hands of these young people and of course our brilliant author. To be continued: I cannot wait! " I am more powerful than you think"


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Laffite's Lady is happy

I got great news today from the team of writers who are adapting my book, 'The Wardrobe' for film. They finished the third draft and will be sending it back to LA, where it will get another read by the producer who has taken the project under his wing. I have not had the chance to read the script, nor will I at this point. This project is not mine.  I gave the team full control, to do whatever they felt it would take, to produce a working script. By the response so far from LA, they have achieved what they set out to do. I'll let them take five after they complete this project and then see what they want to do with Laffite... now that would be a writing project and a half.  The epic adventure is way to involved and large to be a movie. I'm thinking more along the lines of 12 or 14 two hour episodes to do it right. Only time will tell... now that's funny, time will tell...Laffite's Lady is a time travel after all.

Friday, May 11, 2012

What is taking so long you may ask of Laffite's Lady?

well I am back in 1810, revising my novel Laffite's Lady. As a very green author back in 1999 I made many mistakes. None of them in the facts department, I got my facts right, dot on to be sure. Back then, there was no internet and I did all my research the hard way. Many tript to New Orleans and hours upon hours reading and getting copies of info, at the Historic New Orleans Collection at Kemper and Leila Williams Foundation. I can't say enough good about all those who helped me back then. In thanks I gave them a copy of the book, which they accepted after reviewing, as historically accurate. That was the good, the bad and the ugly were this. I self published back in the day when doing so was the start and finish of you. The death toll of an author for sure. The ugly, I allowed a book to go to print without checking to make certain it was edited right. Rave reviews on story, failed on editing. So now I am at it again and this time you can be sure I will have a well edited and revised copy. The good thing about the internet is this, I can expand some on, parts of the story, due to available info that has come to light. I love history, and I love this era. My job is to produce a book that will have you saying the same.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Laffite's Lady is proud to ask you to the party

#Book Release Party Page #@ check it out, readers your chance to win #books and more. I will be giving away ebooks and print of The Wardrobe, please join us on May 27th for all the fun.  The party will run from 12 till 7 est. Authors get a chance to offer their books and readers a chance to win and learn about new released books.  Now I know Jean would be all for this. His lady loves a good read and it is historical. Just a bit more paranormal than Laffite's Lady, but then time travel is way out there also. He's laughing. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Laffite's Lady, fact or fiction?

just crunched the numbers. Over 20 historical characters cross the pages of this adventure and into New Orleans most turbulent era. Still counting the locations in the story, that anyone can go and see today for themselves. Time travel, fact and fiction, blend to make the epic adventure a real page turner. I have had teens in high school, to a 90 year old vet of three wars read it. Men and women agree, I have a story that can be read and enjoyed by all. So I'm working hard to re publish on ebooks and in print, the fully reviesed version, so you to will have a chance enjoy the adventure. I will leave it up to the reader to guess  if it's fact or fiction. Laffite's Lady will never tell the whole story... or will she?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Laffie's Lady Likes what she's reading

If you think traveling back in time frightened Tori, you would be half right. But Laffite's Lady knows, that if she read The Wardrobe, she would sleep with her lights on. Good thing she did not read this book before ending up in 1810, cause they had a load of Wardrobes in bedrooms back then. In case you want to take a peek at what I'm talking about, here's the link to the book trailer. That is if you dare.  The Wardrobe by Susan Elliston. A historical horror.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Two views of St. Louis Cathedral

When Jean Laffite and his lady lived in the French Quarter they would visti this church from time to time. After the Battle of New Orleans, the mayor of the city Nicolas Girod became the church warden. This man was linked to the Laffite's and rumors were always swirling, that they were plotting to help Napoleon escape from St. Helena. Girod never married, spoke only French and when he died he was a wealthy man. How he came to be so, is one of the mysteries of history. As the church warden, he would have been in a position to remove records. Thus if you were to go to research the historical records, you would not find the recorded date of Laffite and his ladys child's christening. Am I saying they had a child? I leave that to the reader, the fact still remains that much of what happened back then surrounding Laffite is and will forever remain pure speculation. I do know that it is not a big stretch to think of Jean Laffite paying Girod, his old friend, a sum of money to erase all traces of his son and his lady.