Saturday, May 12, 2012

Laffite's Lady is happy

I got great news today from the team of writers who are adapting my book, 'The Wardrobe' for film. They finished the third draft and will be sending it back to LA, where it will get another read by the producer who has taken the project under his wing. I have not had the chance to read the script, nor will I at this point. This project is not mine.  I gave the team full control, to do whatever they felt it would take, to produce a working script. By the response so far from LA, they have achieved what they set out to do. I'll let them take five after they complete this project and then see what they want to do with Laffite... now that would be a writing project and a half.  The epic adventure is way to involved and large to be a movie. I'm thinking more along the lines of 12 or 14 two hour episodes to do it right. Only time will tell... now that's funny, time will tell...Laffite's Lady is a time travel after all.

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