Friday, May 11, 2012

What is taking so long you may ask of Laffite's Lady?

well I am back in 1810, revising my novel Laffite's Lady. As a very green author back in 1999 I made many mistakes. None of them in the facts department, I got my facts right, dot on to be sure. Back then, there was no internet and I did all my research the hard way. Many tript to New Orleans and hours upon hours reading and getting copies of info, at the Historic New Orleans Collection at Kemper and Leila Williams Foundation. I can't say enough good about all those who helped me back then. In thanks I gave them a copy of the book, which they accepted after reviewing, as historically accurate. That was the good, the bad and the ugly were this. I self published back in the day when doing so was the start and finish of you. The death toll of an author for sure. The ugly, I allowed a book to go to print without checking to make certain it was edited right. Rave reviews on story, failed on editing. So now I am at it again and this time you can be sure I will have a well edited and revised copy. The good thing about the internet is this, I can expand some on, parts of the story, due to available info that has come to light. I love history, and I love this era. My job is to produce a book that will have you saying the same.

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